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Agenzia Nazionale per i Servizi Sanitari Regionali

Who we are

Agenas, national Agency for regional health services is a non-economic public institution in charge of: supporting national and regional health planning, comparing costs and efficiency of healthcare services, detecting malfunctions in managing health resources (human resources, material and provision), spreading health innovation and experimentation.

Agenas is a technical-scientific Agency of the Italian National Health Services; it promotes collaboration at the different levels of the NHS and it is involved in monitoring, conducting studies and elaborating proposals to share with the Ministry of Health and the Italian Regions.

Its involvement is based on the guidelines approved by the Standing Conference on the relations between the State, the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces.


“The main qualifying role of Agenas is to provide technical and operative support to develop and implement the Italian National Health Services”.

The complete English version of the website is working in progress

Some contents of the main areas of activities

are already translated into English


Home page - Main Areas of activities

  • Monitoring of Essential Level of Assistance
  • Monitoring health expenditure
  • Outcomes Evaluation National Program, so-called PNE (LINK)
  • Empowerment
    • The correct use of the emergency services (LINK)
  • Health organization and planning
  • Quality and appropriateness
    • The Observatory on Good Practices for Patient Safety (LINK)
    • Cancer Networks (LINK)
  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Plans for requalification and financial recovery of Regions
  • Research
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